Back to what makes you , you.

So Ive been gone for a few days . Its been some time since I wanted to write.
I thought this blog had served its purpose and it was time to end it and start afresh.

But thoughts don’t change. They evolve. So this blog is gonna go on… for some more time. Yeah… keep reading. Ill be back with an actual post … soon

-nishi dixit


My Stories

Busy. Busy. Busy. Me.

All sorts of papers are everywhere. Chaos is a mild term to describe my writings’ storage.

Old notebooks with pages that browned in time and ballpoint pen writings that bled and faded because of the long neglect accorded them.

Yellow pad papers, stapled together from end to end, looked more like a wide film roll. The scrolls could be considered antique if they were stained by thousand of years of storage in some cave.

In them were the short stories, essays and unfinished drafts of my earlier days, waiting for the technology to leap forward and rescue them from my unforgivable inattention.

I making amends because the technology has improved. I have no reason to procrastinate more than I used to back then. I have to move on and do what I know is best.

To you, my readers, you have the option to comment, suggest and criticize my writings. I hope you will enjoy the experience. 🙂

nishi dixit

Once a gain…

Is it just me or is it sickening and completely backwards that I have grown to expect the worst and only “hope” for the best? At what point in my life did something go so dreadfully wrong that my expectations for humanity utterly disappeared? When did I begin to feel nothing when someone lets me down?

 I simply just expect it now.

I try to find the good in every person and I trust too easily but lately I feel myself slipping away. I no longer give out limitless chances to those people that I want to trust. I am running low on chances and I’ve been a skeptic about every word that is spoken to me. I make myself take a step back when I get too content or too excited about people because if and when they disappoint me, it will hurt much worse.

 I am beginning to believe this is what growing up is all about. Finding the evil within the perfect world our parents have created for us and expecting that evil to hide around every corner. Holding on to the good so tightly that sometimes we squeeze it too firm and it runs away. Realizing that even those people who you thought were safe will hurt you.


I have been asking myself quite a lot lately and I did come to the conclusion that happiness indeed means different things to different people. For some people true happiness lies in material things for others it’s things that money can’t buy.

“Happiness is not what you see. Happiness is what you feel, it’s what comes from within. Happiness is a state of mind”.

That is the tagline of my blog and I believe with all my heart that happiness indeed is a state of mind; you can create your own happiness. You can choose to be happy or you can choose not to be happy it is up to you. The reason why I say this is because we can find certain situations in our lives where we definitely have a choice of thinking about it in two different ways; we can either choose to see the positive even in bad situations or we can chose to see the negative.

I know that it isn’t always easy to stay positive and to be perfectly honest I’m definitely not someone who is always positive but I am working on it. However what I’ve learned through experience is that if you have a positive attitude towards certain things it will make your life a lot easier and will automatically make you happier since you pay more attention to the positive aspects of life rather than to the negative.

-nishi dixit

Royally screwed Up

I am calm and peaceful like the boundless ocean. I am open-hearted and free like the wind blowing high above the sky without hindrance.

‘If you’re not at peace with yourself, you’re at peace with nothing’ I can’t remember whose quote this is, but I just know it’s true. Inner peace is our natural state of being this is who we actually are .

what causes us to lose our inner peace. worry about not having enough money to pay for rent,  bills, food, worry about health issues, worry about not being able to lose weight, worry about cravings that make us feel guilty, like eating too much, drinking too much etc, worry about our loved ones. worry about past mistakes and regrets worry about wasting our time and not living the life we really want to live.

It’s really mostly worry that disrupts our inner peace, which is just another word for fear. And fear is the absence of love and God and light and everything that feels good.

think of your own mantras just say ‘No!’ to fear! say ‘Yes!’ to love.

-Nishi Dixit..

Hold On

Keep the faith and hold on!  things are looking up. sometimes, out of no where, i just sing. I’m talking loud and joyful singing.  the kind of singing that make you forget your challenges, the end of the week, and just enjoy the music and the song.


I experienced this on the way home today. I felt deep within my spirit to write hold on the blessing is around the corner for someone. (smile)

Be blessed, my friends, I pray it’s you.

   -nishi dixit