Royally screwed Up

I am calm and peaceful like the boundless ocean. I am open-hearted and free like the wind blowing high above the sky without hindrance.

‘If you’re not at peace with yourself, you’re at peace with nothing’ I can’t remember whose quote this is, but I just know it’s true. Inner peace is our natural state of being this is who we actually are .

what causes us to lose our inner peace. worry about not having enough money to pay for rent,  bills, food, worry about health issues, worry about not being able to lose weight, worry about cravings that make us feel guilty, like eating too much, drinking too much etc, worry about our loved ones. worry about past mistakes and regrets worry about wasting our time and not living the life we really want to live.

It’s really mostly worry that disrupts our inner peace, which is just another word for fear. And fear is the absence of love and God and light and everything that feels good.

think of your own mantras just say ‘No!’ to fear! say ‘Yes!’ to love.

-Nishi Dixit..


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