Once a gain…

Is it just me or is it sickening and completely backwards that I have grown to expect the worst and only “hope” for the best? At what point in my life did something go so dreadfully wrong that my expectations for humanity utterly disappeared? When did I begin to feel nothing when someone lets me down?

 I simply just expect it now.

I try to find the good in every person and I trust too easily but lately I feel myself slipping away. I no longer give out limitless chances to those people that I want to trust. I am running low on chances and I’ve been a skeptic about every word that is spoken to me. I make myself take a step back when I get too content or too excited about people because if and when they disappoint me, it will hurt much worse.

 I am beginning to believe this is what growing up is all about. Finding the evil within the perfect world our parents have created for us and expecting that evil to hide around every corner. Holding on to the good so tightly that sometimes we squeeze it too firm and it runs away. Realizing that even those people who you thought were safe will hurt you.


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