My Stories

Busy. Busy. Busy. Me.

All sorts of papers are everywhere. Chaos is a mild term to describe my writings’ storage.

Old notebooks with pages that browned in time and ballpoint pen writings that bled and faded because of the long neglect accorded them.

Yellow pad papers, stapled together from end to end, looked more like a wide film roll. The scrolls could be considered antique if they were stained by thousand of years of storage in some cave.

In them were the short stories, essays and unfinished drafts of my earlier days, waiting for the technology to leap forward and rescue them from my unforgivable inattention.

I making amends because the technology has improved. I have no reason to procrastinate more than I used to back then. I have to move on and do what I know is best.

To you, my readers, you have the option to comment, suggest and criticize my writings. I hope you will enjoy the experience. 🙂

nishi dixit


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